Salt Lake City, UT – To support its strong year-over-year department growth, the Memphis Grizzlies Partnership Marketing department implemented Sponsorship Buddy to scale partnership revenue and provide visibility into their entire partnership life cycle. The services team now has visibility into the ongoing, tactical, and important activation process.

“We aim to be best in class, and the Sponsorship Buddy platform has been invaluable in helping our team streamline the activation process and focus on providing high levels of service to our partners.” said Mya Donald, Sr. Manager Activation for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Prior to deploying Sponsorship Buddy, activation timelines, workbooks, and media assets were all saved in disparate systems. It made it a challenge to see a comprehensive view of a single account or the entire operation. Although they were very organized, they wanted a single, integrated sponsorship management solution that would enable better collaboration, visibility, and accountability.

Now the Memphis Grizzlies’ Partnership Marketing department uses Sponsorship Buddy to communicate and monitor partnerships. The single platform reduces unnecessary email and foot traffic, and staff members and clients have a clear repository and chain of information. Grizzlies partners can collaborate and plan their entire year using the same platform. The year-to-year partnership management will be especially helpful in getting new and existing employees up to speed as they join the partnership efforts.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with an organization as forward thinking as the Memphis Grizzlies.” said Sponsorship Buddy CEO, Cameron Oliver. “I am just as excited for their partners, who will be able to work hand-in-hand with the team to activate world class sponsorships.”

Sponsorship Buddy is used by some of the world’s most efficient corporate partnership departments, like the Baltimore Ravens, Utah Jazz, and the Salt Lake Bees, to make the end-to-end execution process easy; helping teams and sponsors maximize the value of their partnerships.

About Sponsorship Buddy:

Sponsorship Buddy is a SaaS platform used by sports organizations who sell multi-asset corporate partnerships. It helps accelerate and simplify sponsorship sales and execution for themselves and their clients; so partnerships are executed on time and on budget. Giving teams and their clients time to creatively build and execute their partnerships instead of getting bogged down by bad processes. Based in the Silicon Slopes of Salt Lake City Utah, learn more by visiting

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