Visa Uses Olympic Partnership to Launch New Payment Ring


For those making their way to this year's Olympic games in Rio this August,Visa will be the only card accepted at official venues -- a pretty sweet deal for the payment provider. But, rather than be satisfied with exclusive access to the wallets of a half million tourists, the company is using the event to introduce a new ring that will let people pay with a wave of their hand: No phone, wallet or even battery needed. READ MORE.  (Source: Engadget)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Though this "launch" will not be available to the general public at the Olympics, Visa and the Olympics have done a nice job of PR leading up to the games, so that fans are intriqued regardless.

2.  The strategy behind this stunt has two benefits: 1) having the athletes themselves test the ring (garners more publicity and the atheles likely have some obligation to post from their personal social media accounts) and 2) the use of such a major, worldwide event.  The entire world will be watching and will know that Visa has a dominant presence at the games, so what better time to launch a revolutionary new product?

3.  Do you have a client who is preparing to launch a new product and could use your venue/events to make a splash and integrate into the experience?  Maybe a new food item that could be launched in the concession stands...or sampled?  Maybe a new feature/service offered by a telecom partner?

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