The Miami Heat & ONE Sotheby’s Game Recap Video for the Win

ONE Sotheby's sponsors the video Game Recap of the Miami Heat.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) Anything pertaining to shared media a team puts out socially is a gold-level sponsorship asset resulting in huge impression numbers thanks to high social engagement.  Save these for partners really looking for a digital, impression-driven package (read: agency-friendly). Sotheby's makes sense as a fit for this asset because real estate marketing requires a very visual platform.  The Heat's Twitter Analytics would likely skew towards the affluent (especially for a post like this) and well-represented in other markets of which Sotheby's serves. 

2) Tagging Justise Winslow's official Twitter (@iamjustise) as well as Sotheby's (@onesir) helps not only drive impression metrics for both of those stakeholders, but for the reach of the post as well by tapping into their Follower bases.  

3) Consistent branding of the title of the series, possibly hashtagged for search purposes, is recommended to drive associative recall while upping the trackable value of the asset.  These can be housed on one or multiple mediums and inventory pricing can depend on this.

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