VHEIP The Latest 529 Plan To Venture Into Sports With Lake Monsters

The Vermont Lake Monsters are proud to announce a new partnership with the Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan (VHEIP), administered by VSAC, introducing VHEIP as the new title sponsor for CHAMP's Kids Club. READ MORE (Source: Vermont Lake Monsters)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Families are typically a large portion of sports fan bases, so 529 Plans have historically found sports partnerships to be a viable part of their marketing plan.  VHEIP is the latest to enter the mix, this time in the minor league baseball world.

2. The free tickets for members and the opportunity to win $100 toward a 529 account are good perks for parents to sign their kids up.  The key will be how well VHEIP connects with those parents.  We might even suggest giving away more than $100 each of the 5 games.  Make a splash!

3. Every 529 Plan is funded differently, so once you track yours down in your state, it may not be a slam dunk, but there are a multitude of different ways to help them acheive their goal of reaching the families in your seats.  Consider ideas like contributing $100 to the first X number of fans who open an account with you (using a team specific code).  Typically, 529 Plans also see benefit in being on-site to interact with fans.



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