Toyota Drives Grizzlies Fans to Playoff Games

Three Memphis area Toyota dealers have partnered with the Grizzlies to offer two playoff tickets for test driving a 2016 Toyota.  See promotional details.  (Source: Memphis Grizzlies)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. This is nowhere near the first time we have seen this promotion, but typically it is regular season (and sometimes not desirable) tickets or a "chance to win" tickets offered as the reward.  Obviously, there is the "while supplies last" caveat, but giving away NBA Playoff tickets is definitely a premium prize and should garner significant response in a city that is passionate about their team.

2. The tight timeline on the test-drive window is somewhat of a risk, but we like the idea because it allows you to pinpoint a smaller window to be prepared and creates demand for the sponsor, rather than running a promotion like this for a month, for example.

3.  Traffic driving to a auto dealership is a challenge.  Be wary of going down this road with an auto partner unless you both are ready to make it a "premium" offering.  Fans will interact with a promotion on their phone or on-site at games, but the hook has to be significant to motivate them to come to another destination.  On the pro level, consider using players/coaches as an additional hook for a promotion like this.  We also like every person being a winner, rather than the typical auto dealership "test drive to be entered" promotion.

Today's Twitter post:


Want #Grizz Playoff Tix?! Take a #ToyotaTestDriveForGrizz from 4/15-4/17 & get 2 tix! Info >

— Memphis Grizzlies (@memgrizz) April 13, 2016

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