Tissot Finds Creative Tie-ins To NBA Draft

(Photo Source: Watch Time)

Tissot, the Official Timekeeper of the NBA, took full advantage of their new partnership by capitalizing on creative activations at the NBA Draft Thursday night, including branding the draft countdown clock and presenting first round draftpicks with custom watches.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Other than the fashion (we discussed in our last post), one of the most iconic elements of the NBA Draft is the "on the clock" countdown graphic on stage.  The clock is constantly being highlighted during the TV coverage, especially as Adam Silver comes to the podium to announce the picks.  Props to Tissot on capitalizing on the high profile direct tie-in.

2.  The custom watches made for the draft picks are a nice touch.  I am not sure, other than a little social media coverage, how much play that will get, but it is a great idea if the publicity takes off after the draft.

3.  The lesson to be learned here for sponsors and sales people: anyone can slap a logo on an element like a clock.  How do you connect your partner with a meaningful asset that connects fans with their brand.

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