Tigers Continue Auto Display Tradition on Chevrolet Fountain in Comerica Park

The Camaro and Colorado will take center field for Chevrolet during the upcoming baseball season at Comerica Park.

A “Hyper Blue Metallic” Camaro SS muscle car and an “Inferno Orange Metallic” Colorado midsize pickup were lowered by crane atop the stadium’s Chevrolet Fountain in center field on Wednesday — an event that has become a tradition for the company prior to Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers in the Motor City. The colors of the vehicles are meant to match the Tigers’ orange and navy.  READ MORE (Source: The Detroit News)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. In keeping with the auto theme from Wednesday's post, we love this tradition that Chevy has developed with the Tigers - especially its connection to a city very proud of its hallmark industry.

2. Auto displays are a great way to literally take your product to the stadium and have fans touch and feel it.  This partnership takes the traditional display to the next level and literally makes it part of the ballpark.  At this point, it has become a staple of the stadium and something fans anticipate (see Twitter post below).

3.  Are there underutlized areas of your stadium where you could pull something like this off?  Could you brand a specific gate or section?  Having enough foresight to make the cars team colors is a nice touch as well.


Another sign #OpeningDay is around the corner! pic.twitter.com/KK2IM0Zbtw

— Detroit Tigers (@tigers) March 30, 2016

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