The Red Sox and Kayem, opening day sponsored scavenger hunt

The Boston Red Sox and Kayem produced a great sponsored opening day scavenger hunt for Red Sox Fans.   See the conversation on Twitter.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Great way to interact with your fans and sell a partnership during the off-season and the hype leading up to opening day / kickoff / tip off.

2. This example extends the partnership to the concession stands. Kayem is also served in the stadium and adds a nice touch of color to the already solid partnership.  Do you have concession rights?

3.  High quality graphics, equals high quality social interaction.  Tighten things up and it will encourage participation

4. Perks for those who lose.  Great to see the hat and gear that went to the 2nd place winners.  This is a great way to drive traffic and affinity to the sponsor. The fans participation is still rewarded.

5. Prospecting tip, if you don't have concession rights, go through every brand that's sold at your concession stands and send them this concept, value proposition statement,  "Interact with fans and sell them [Product] before they get to the stadium."

Some great photos on the hashtag:

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