The Q Unites Cleveland Sports Fans With Ticket Bundle

Quicken Loans Arena is the place to be this weekend! Don't miss a minute of all the amazing sports action as the Cavs, Monsters and Gladiators are all in action!  READ MORE.  (Source: Quicken Loans Arena)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. This clearly helps the Monsters and Gladiators far more than the Cavaliers, but what an opportunistic play for the arena as a whole!  Leveraging the Cavs watch parties to sell other tickets at an affordable price and playing off of uniting a city should pay off.

2.  Presumably, the playoff sponsors for two of the teams (who still get a very minimized presence in the marketing of this bundle) likely precluded The Q from being able to sell a sponsor for the bundle, but other multipurpose facilities ought to think of more cross-promotional opportunities like this as sponsorship pieces, rather than just thinking in a silo when pitching potential partners.

3.  Financial institutions or credit card companies coudl be a great fit for ticket bundles like this, leveraging it as a "perk" of doing business with them.  For a smaller market, distributing these bundles to a limited number of brick and mortar sponsor locations (think grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) could also be a fit as a traffic driver if the offer is good enough.

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