Texas Rangers & Lowe’s Walk-Up to Plate with Virtual Reality

Texas Rangers and Lowe's help fans feel what's it like to step up to the plate utilizing virtual reality technology.  Read more here.

Sponsorship Buddy's take:

1) Virtual Reality is another white-hot sponsorship area of opportunity moving forward.  It can help your company bridge the "experience economy" gap via trade shows, corporate events or at Globe Life Park experientially for Rangers fans.  Sponsorship's most appealing aspect is the ability to bring one behind the scenes, tying the experience to a common denominator.  The prospects of V.R. partnerships in sports is unlimited.  See here for more cutting edge V.R. work done at the Australian Open by Eastwood

2) The battle to get people off the couch and into the store is real and it's not just for sports teams believe it or not.  Through this unique "Walk-Up" partnership with the Rangers and others leveraged by Lowe's (and of course acclaimed sports agency of record, GMR Marketing), Lowe's is able to utilize these behind-the-scenes sport experiences to promote its services to fans on the couch or at the ballpark.  It's also able to target a key demographic in Hispanic males, illustrated by the usage of Elvis Andrus in this example.

3) The Rangers are amongst the leaders in major league sports when it comes to its number of corporate partnerships.  In part, the Rangers can do this because of an ability to craft unique (ie. Lowe's "Official Partner of the Walk-Up") asset ownership well aligned with specific corporate brand positioning and objectives.  This can be accomplished via in-depth research and discovery meetings and creative application of inventory in alignment with those specified objectives.

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