Sporting KC’s Sporting Cribs with Reece NIchols

Great take on a successful content marketing angle.  We know that seeing celebrities homes can be an attractive piece of content that fans and viewers will watch. With the need for new and fresh content from your teams and departments, you can now take that concept and package it as a revenue generating sponsorship. Sporting KC did a phenomenal job with the production of Sporting Cribs.  Video example here.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Don't reinvent the wheel.  You don't have to have an innovative idea, to sell an innovative partnership.  Use a piece of successful content, strap your sponsor to it and create a great video for your fans to enjoy.

2. Real Estate is a tough category, We're sure this branding is accompanied by some great lead generation.  (unknown to us at this point)  Leads are the life blood of the real estate business.

3.  This piece was probably done because of the sponsorship, but what content do you currently have produced by your marketing team without a sponsorship?  You can tie-in a sponsor easily if you can get a long term commitment from marketing that they'll continue producing it.


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