Shoulders of Greatness: Can You Do More via Your Shampoo Choice?

Head & Shoulders & NFLPA team up on #ShouldersOfGreatness campaign. 

Sponsorship Buddy:

1) This was a fun campaign to work on back when.  I got to know Brian "The Boz" Bosworth as he moved up the #ShouldersOfGreatness ranks to ultimately face off against His Flowness in Troy Polamalu, 6 years as "mane man" for this promotion.  Character (he kept me on the phone 40 minutes to discuss the fit of the t-shirt he'd wear at the appearance).  This campaign does just that, allows the public to get to further get to know the personalities behind the helmet and under the flow.

2) The players move through a bracket voted on by the fans under the #ShouldersOfGreatness umbrella. Nice work by Saatchi & Saatchi in tying all the pieces together to drive fan engagement across social and traditional media coupled with player appearances.  As we can see by the image above, the teams have even pushed the promotion and its own players.

3) Can a product instill greatness? If you believe so, it's great advertising and/or sponsorship that has gotten you there.

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