SeatGeek Breaks The Ticketing Mold With MLS Partnership


Major League Soccer is making it easier for fans to buy tickets.

Together with SeatGeek, MLS is creating an open ticketing network that will let third-party websites sell tickets to soccer games. For example, AirBnb could sell Seattle Sounders tickets alongside apartment listings in the Pacific Northwest, or New York City Football Club’s fan group could make tickets available on its site. READ MORE (Source: Bloomberg)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. This type of partnership seems to be a great fit for a league that currently sits on the outside looking in, in terms of the top tier pro sports leagues in America.  This innovation breaks down the barriers of entry for a casual fan and keeps ticket prices in check by creating a more open market.

2. We love the mutual league/partner benefit of being able to more accurately track data about fans.  Data is king now and this could provide an added boost to the league and teams alike in continuing to grow their fan base.

3. With the overhead and risk involved with an internal ticket sales team, we wouldn't be surprised to see this happen more often with either a property or league.  Especially if sponsorship dollars are combined with some sort of guarantee, why wouldn't every property explore the possibility?



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