Rewriting History with the Cubs, Kris Bryant, Red Bull & a Famous Billy Goat

Red Bull sponsored athlete and Cubs star Kris Bryant and the effect of the World Series and an infamous goat.  Quite the partnership story.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) As the story goes, Murphy the goat of Billy Goat Tavern was shoed out of the "Friendly Confines" of Wrigley in the 1908 World Series because he smelled bad. In response, his owners wrote a letter to the Cubs' owner declaring the team wouldn't win another title. 108 years of misery and superstitions drowned in Old Chicago ensued.  Kris Bryant developed a relationship with the current goat of Billy Goat Tavern on a stint in the minors before making the big jump with the hope of smoothing superstitions over for the sake of Cubs Nation.  The superstitious will tell you that it worked as did Red Bull's gamble on sponsoring Bryant. 

Red Bull became a household name by marketing itself as a lifestyle product, reinforced by sponsorships with action sports stars.  Bryant is not an action sports star, and luckily Red Bull adapted strategy to include traditional sports stars.  Any brands associated with the Cubs luck just changing are cashing in big-time, as are the Cubs, with huge ratings and impression numbers that every marketer would dream of for a sport and team that sorely needed the bounce-back.

2) The story made it beyond the hardcore Cubs circles to ESPN and de facto partner Billy Goat Tavern has reaped the associative partnership benefits in big ways.  Sales of their famous burgers and curse-breaking T-shirts are through the roof.

3) Unique partnerships ideas that are still stragecally aligned pay dividends - understand prospect needs to carve unique, memorable packages that drive feelings translatable to sales!

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