Reading Fightins Announce Christmas at the Stadium Event Sponsored by RAM

Reading Fightins announce Christmas at the Stadium event featuring fireworks presented by RAM.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) This is an unbelievable way to create offseason sales and marketing buzz.  Typically, it's a challenge for minor league teams to make much of a splash in the offseason.  The Reading Fightins are bringing in the holiday cheer in a whole new fashion: with Santa and his friends and quite the lightshow, put on nearly each night from November 29 to December 23.  As sports marketers, its our job to create and harness unique memories for the fans.  Investing dollars in this not only creates community goodwill and buzz, but provides fantastic touchpoint, sales and marketing opportunities. Advance tickets are $5 ($7 at the gate) and for the discount, the teams are able to gain contact info and sell holiday miniplans (of which there are choices for everyone prominently being promoted socially).  

2) From a sponsor's perspective (RAM), there will be a multitude of experiential marketing opportunities to show off the latest vehicles and differentiate from the competition cross market through the busiest buying time of the year. Face time is always the best to build relationships, whether it be with the team or its sponsor(s).

2) RAM wants to be front-and-center with Fightins fans.  In another noteworthy offseason event, the team announced that RAM also sponsored the new Savage 61 RAM Club Box Seats, a play for the premium crowd (it's not cheap to buy a RAM after all!).  Prospects or sponsors interested in B2B opportunities also make great targets for premium seating area centric programs.

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