Primo Provides Recipes for Success

Primo Foods, the Official Pasta of the Toronto Raptors, has put a new spin on the traditional "keys to the game" feature that most teams run on their radio, TV or social media outlets. Today's Tweet (Source: Toronto Raptors)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Yes, we know this is not a new idea, nor is it wildly creative, but we love the tie-in for the sponsor.  Auto brands and dealers have been doing the "keys to the game" or some variation for years, but we have never seen a food brand integrated in this way.

2. From a content perspective, this is very fan friendly.  Concise (digestable through social media), but provides detail and interesting stats to back up the points.

3.  Are you doing a pre-game feature like this?  How about a pre-game video interview with your coach?  Uniform watch?  The excitement leading up to the game (think 30 minutes prior or less) is a great chance to grab the attention of fans before they become completely focused on the action on the field/court.

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