Pirates and Pelican host Paddle at the Park - Innovative Ticket & Sponsorship play

The Pirates and Pelican International via Venture Outdoors as a retail partner announced Paddle at the Park and leverage the location of PNC park to include a kayak and a kyak paddle excursion with a ticket purchase. The concept isn't groundbreaking, but the way it's applied to a sleepy category is genius. Innovative way to capture value with a partner by using the stadium's surrounding area. Article on Pirates.com

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1.  Great way to engage and attract a small niche fan base.  Just think of this conversation during the Sponsorship discovery meeting. "I want to reach everyone that is interested in kayaking."  Tough ask.

2.  Ticket packages usually receive mixed results, so we'll have to see after the game/promotion how many tickets they move and how it is leveraged by the Pirates and Pelican International.

3.  What do you have around your stadium / arena that might be a great post game activity for a group of fans?  Think outside the box.

4.  Sponsored ticket packages are a great way to get all of your sponsors potential customers in one spot.  Make sure you have additional programming; in their section when they arrive, a great follow up email, social and traditional media coverage etc.... So that you and the sponsor have as much face time as possible.

5.  As always for these concepts, theres no better way to sink or swim, than to sell your products together.  (yellow kayak and a $10 ticket)

For those that don't know, PNC is on the Allegheny

Some Social Interaction:

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