Pelicans Encourage Young Fans to Cheer for Cheerios at Rouses

New Orleans Pelicans give young fans chance to win Cheer for Cheerios Prize Pack at Rouses, official grocer of the team.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) Retail promotions are a fantastic way to grow sponsorship metrics and team reach.  Although they present execution challenges (ie. shelf space usually being off the table) often in the hands of very busy sponsor marketing contacts, they can also lead to incremental promotional window dollars from brands that often wouldn't otherwise be sponsors.  Utilize current retail partners to help open hard-to-reach doors to new brands with marketing dollars to spend on in-market or key initiatives. 

2) Retail programs can also engage sponsor employees and help them feel special and attached to driving partnership results that can favorably lead to goodwill that translates to renewals and upsales. This sponsorship provides plenty of in-demand retail opportunities.

3) Great prize pack with next to 0 hard cost aside from retail signage displays.  It aligns verbiage-wise with other Cheerios campaigns nationally and helps differentiate Rouses and Cheerios as the brands of choice among young Pelicans fans in the New Orleans DMA.  The Prize Pack provides behind-the-scenes experiences for kids to develop their hoops skills and fanship of the team making it win-win from a grassroots perspective for the team when it comes to generating future fan and sponsor loyalty. This is especially important for teams without a long history in market. 

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