Partnership Follow Up: MLB & Sheraton


You might recall that we did a blog post last year on the new MLB partnership with Sheraton as its official hotel.  We did the post based on the official announcement of the partnership and its big picture plans, but the majority of the partnership had not materialized.  We felt it appropriate to do a follow up on the partnership to refresh readers, as well as show a few of the tangible activations. READ MORE.  (Source: Starwood Hotels & Resorts)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. The simple 20% off offer on a two night stay is a nice perk.  With numerous discount sites out there now, those prices might be beaten on the open market, but 20% is a large enough offer to grab fans' attention who receive the email blast or visit the Sheraton landing page.

2.  While the Paired menus may not be major revenue drivers for the hotels, it is a fun way to take ownership of the partnership and a nice touch for guests who come to the hotel for game weekends.  If this partnership does not return results, it won't be because of a lack of effort on Sheraton's part.

3.  While we posted on the potential experiences that would be available through this partnership, they have now fleshed those out and it is a truly unique idea, allowing fans to bid on or buy them with their Starwood points - giving their loyalty system a leg up on Hilton or Marriott for this fan base!

4.  Perhaps the coolest addition to this partnership is the Rival Town Rundowns video series.  What a great use of players to tie into the rivalries, but also spotlight cities where Sheraton properties exist.

Here are some screen grabs of a recent email blast the partners sent to MLB subscribers:

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