Orlando Magic and Fanduel’s Social Stat Sheet

Check out one of the NBA's most sophisticated teams Social Stat video. Sponsored by Fanduel.  The subtle logo inclusion is a great, revenue generating, touch on the visually appealing game recap social media post(s).  Tweet located here.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Visually, one of the best game recap social cards we have seen

2. Sponsor integration is subtle, this is such a high volume piece of inventory that the logo doesn't have to be in the readers face all of the time. The graphic will be, so why not make the logo nativeand subtle.

3. Video makes everything better.  Incorporate a video and highlight reel into these and the interaction increases exponentially.

4. Consistency is key.  Fans and the sponsor need to see this after every game.  Not just one.

Link to the hashtag on twitter.

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