Off Season Sponsored “Salute to Fans” State Tour by the Broncos and US Bank

Off season state tours are extremely popular to round up fans right after a season or right before a season.  The Bronco's Salute to Fans Tour is a perfect example on how to incorporate a sponsor.  Collegiate programs and professional sports teams typically hit their alumni/fan cities with the head coach and a few team members... (don't forget the mascot) as they drum up merchandise sales, ticket sales, donations etc....  Full article about the Bronco's Salute To Fans Tour.

The Denver Broncos are heading on their annual Salute to Fans Tour starting April 22! In 2016 we will visit five cities in Colorado, starting with Durango, CO with the fifth stop being decided by fans. At each of the stops we will be hosting a city celebration which will give fans the opportunity to pose for pictures with Denver Broncos Cheerleaders, Miles the Mascot and get an autograph from Broncos players.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Great opportunity to enage with fans during the off season and it's a great peice of inventory for a presenting sponsor.  It also provides the partnership department the opportunity to call on businesses outside your footprint.  You can engage them with this state tour and then have the opportunity to move them to a bigger deal later on.

2. The Broncos also brought on 2 partners as a co-sponsor. Logo's across the bottom of the landing page

3. Other potential partners are your stopping points along the trip. As you route your travels, make sure you engage with partners looking to engage with local fans and drive traffic to their locations.

4. Other elements we have seen that work well, Sponsor the bus.  (IE... DirectTV and ESPN on College Gameday) Bring a merchandise sponsor, whether that's your in-house merch provider or a local retailer.  These fans are going to be willing to buy on-site.

5.  Love the idea of letting the fans vote for the final city (see landing page link)  What a great way to see where your fans are "most" willing to show up to an event like this.

Some Great photos for a proposal:

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