Nike’s “Unlimited You” Campaign Does It Again

What continues to help set Nike apart from the competition is the ability to creatively trigger motivation with the help of a diverse portfolio of sponsored athletes.  See its latest "Unlimited You" ad.

Sponsorship Buddy's take:

1) It's newest ad speaks to the "Average Joe" or "Average Jane" - if you put in the work, you will become a champion.  It features amateurs and insininuates that they'll become featured Nike sponsored athletes like Giancarlo Stanton, Kevin Durant, Neymar, Serena, etc. seen in the video. Will it motivate you to jump off a cliff? Unlikely, but its certainly worked in getting you to believe enough to buy its products.

2) Nike internally employs a true commitment to diversity when it comes to employment and beyond, which it illustrates in every campaign. It knows no color or type, just the ultimate competitor willing to dig deeper regardless of the type of person or competition. In that sense, it's "all-inclusive" which positively effects sales.

3) "Begin Your Story Here" lends to social sharing. The ability to induce a viral movement is so essential for lifestyle or performance brands like Nike.

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