NBA, Under Armour Team Up On Fitness App


As fitness apps go, there are thousands to choose from. Track this, rate that, eat this, count that. But only a handful come with a global brand's seal of approval. Now, two of the planet's biggest sports brands are teaming up on a single app.

Under Armour and the National Basketball Association have announced the launch of the league's first-ever fitness app. The NBA Fit App is an extension ofthe league's overall health and wellness program, powered by UA Record from Under Armour Connected Fitness. Basically it combines the UA platform with the NBA’s resources like training videos and tips from NBA and WNBA players, as well as strength and conditioning coaches, all in one place.  READ MORE.  (Source: Fast Company)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. The next level technology and programming in this app will set it apart from other fitness apps, giving this significantly more value for Under Armour (and yet another level of progress in challenging Nike).

2.  We love the use of the players (the NBA's most valuable asset) to enhance the app.

3.  The challenges, specifically tied to the Finals and other future events, are a great avenue for collecting data and not only getting fans to download the app, but to interact and share their results.

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