Nashville Predators and Orca Coolers host Craft Beer Festival #EventSponsorship

The Nashville predators are hosting a Craft Beer Festival, sponsored by Orca Coolers. The Preds use this as a great event that attracted a great sponsor.Story here (

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Great opening into a sweet "cooler" category. Creates a great demo of buyers for Orca Coolers all in one place focusing on great tasting beer which pairs great with a nice cooler

2. Hopefully Orca is able to table and really own the event by tabling and additional signage. In addition the Preds should be sharing the attendee list with Orca for post event follow up communication.

3. Provides a great way to show the philantrhopic initiative of your team.

Preds strategy:

Proceeds benefit the Nashville Predators Foundation which supports Middle Tennessee non-profit groups & programs in the community. 

4. Real simple way to interact with fans outside of the season as well as use the facility on an off night.

Video of the experience:

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