Mavs Fans Win With Playoff UBER Promotion

One more NBA Playoffs transportation partnership:

Uber in Dallas is not only offering ride discounts to or from home playoff games for Mavericks fans, but are compounding that with a chance to win playoff tickets and transportation.  See today's Mavs tweet.  (Source: Dallas Mavericks)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Unlike our previous transportation-related blog posts, this promotions not only provides a great "grand prize," but has a value for any fans who engage with it.

2.  A retweet promotion like this could end up being far more valuable that what a sponsor pays for it.  It is very simple, but if you provide a good enough incentive to retweet, then your message continues to spread, in this case you end up getting that promo code in more hands for game night and you still only give away one set of tickets and one free ride. 

3.  Your sponsors will really win when you have a hook that fans will not only want to register for/engage with, but will also want to share with friends.  Consider that fact when crafting your next promotion, especially in the digital/social space.

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