Libman Giving Some Additional #HardwoodFacts During Hornets’ Playoff Run

A first-year partner of the Charlotte Hornets, The Libman Company is getting some additional exposure during the playoffs both through the ball kid sponsorship at home games and through their #HardwoodFacts game summaries on social media.  Game 3 #HardwoodFacts.  (Source: Charlotte Hornets)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. We have seen hardwood flooring companies sponsor the mop or find another play off of the court, but we have not seen a cleaning company like Libman enter into the space and we have not seen someone take the concept across multiple mediums (in-game and social media).

2.  The #HardwoodFacts graphis is very eye catching.  The graphic movement, as well as the video content of the player of the game is entertaining and concise.  The sponsor is also appropriately integrated and does not get lost in a busy graphic.

3.  For basketball properties, this category/concept should be attacked without a doubt.  For prospects, think cleaning companies, hardwood flooring companies, lumber/building supply companies or if you really wanted to go outside the box on the post game summary, maybe an attorney's office, playing off of "court" and "facts."

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