L.A. Rams “Find Your Gameday Beach” in Exclusive Fashion with Corona Extra

Corona steps up and takes "Official Cerveza" category, exclusively locking up Import Beer rights for the Rams of the NFL, now back playing in L.A. Read more here.

Sponsorship Buddy's take:

1) The sports business and advertisers associated with it have speculated and closely watched the dynamic of bringing NFL football back to L.A. (#2 U.S. media market) for years.  To the first-mover victor go the spoils.  Beer is a top-contested category and this opportunity promises very strong sales prospects among Hispanic consumers, known to be amongst the strongest recognized sponsor consumers. 

2) Corona has done a tremendous job in becoming top-of-mind for much more than the guy looking for a refreshing warm-weather brew.  Domestically, it wants to be #1 among Hispanic consumers.  Corona has done a tremendous job over the years in complimenting Experiential Marketing with such powerful, imagery-driven ad campaign.  The point-of-sale and "Find Your Gameday Beach" in-stadium Activation elements could well have been the icing-on-the-cake and key pieces here because they will drive loyalty and association of both the Rams and Corona beyond the stadium. Social and retail channels will add exponential and track-able value that's vital when it comes to measuring market share before-vs.-after the partnership. 

3) The deal points in this partnership provide an framework for a textbook "fully-integrated partnership" by 2016 standards.  Not only does Corona get to block out ALL import beer competitors from marketing with the Rams, but it reinforces this point in fun, impactful fashion in-stadium and beyond utilizing key pieces from an awareness and consumption perspective while taking Presenting Sponsor rights for the 1st game.  The Rams also notably now have a key driver of Hispanic Heritage Month and internal diversity marketing programs.  It'll be interesting to witness how long it takes the fans to react.

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