KIA Rewards Thunder Fans Through Free Ticket Lottery


If you are a Thunder fan and live anywhere near Oklahoma City, this seems to be a great way to see a game if you have a few hours to spare (could not confirm that this works for playoff games).  READ MORE.  (Source: Oklahoma City Thunder)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. One way to get rid of your hard-to-sell upper level seats - sell them in bulk to a sponsor.  This is as good as selling 100 season tickets in one fell swoop.

2.  Kia now looks like a hero, giving away that many tickets for every single home game.  Kia is likely not targeting the high end season ticket holders, so providing the average fan or middle income fan an opportunity to see a game for free may just create some good will and loyalty to their brand.

3.  The registration process here is a win-win for both the Thunder and Kia. If you notice, there are opt-in options to learn more about ticket offers and Kia products and the Kia boxes are automatically checked, so the likelihood of building a significant database is high.

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