Kia Asks NBA Fans: “Who Ya Got?”

One key feature of Kia's official NBA partnership is the #KiaWhoYaGot #Sweepstakes. During a small promotional window, fans are encouraged to pick the winner of 8 preselected matchups announced on the NBA's official Twitter and Instagram (along with the hashtags).  Grand Prize winners win game tickets.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) Before the official NBA partnership and the famous Blake Griffin All Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest dunk over the vehicle, the L.A. Clippers were the first to initiate Kia to NBA-related partnerships of which they are now the official partner in various ways including the naming rights partner for All Star Weekend and part of NBA Cares, the official community initiative.  That partnership and the national ones that ensued helped catapult the brand from little known player in the domestic automotive scene to recognizable force with 15 straight years of increased U.S. market share.  It happened because of the ability to creatively come up with unique, risky solutions tied to the team, game and players beyond tradtional asset packaging.

2)  Hard cost for this promotion, a key engagement driver equating to significant digital traction (especially among the target demographic of millennials), is 0.  It's a template that can be replicated via social, elevating brand awareness and brand recall for the Kia brand to cut the rest of the competitive clutter. Kia also gets to own the content and leads to repurpose and drive sales. The NBA gets a ratings and engagement boost.

3) Kia's integrated NBA partnership is a success not only because it generates major impressions and engages and gives back to fans, but because of ownership of key features and events. Teaming up on NBA Cares is also huge because being associated genuinely with giving back to the community equates to business results. 

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