John Deere Gives Farm Report for MLB Fans


In a creative play on words, John Deere has sponsored the MLB Pipeline page on, giving fans of all teams an official outlet to follow the progress of their top prospects in the minor leagues or recent call ups to the majors.  (Source: MLB)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. John Deere has done a fantastic job of owning the entire space (background of the website, multiple branding opportunities throughout the page and tags on social media posts (see photo above).

2.  As simple as this sounds, the simple natural tie of the theme should not be overlooked.  John Deere will get a different level of engagement/brand recognition out of this then if it were the "Hardee's Farm Report" or the "Lowe's Prospect Recap."

3.  John Deere's banner ad running on the page does a good job of knowing its audience.  They do not showcase combines or large, commercial tractors, but instead focus on equipment that a homeowner or average consumer could use.

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