Jets and Porsche sign official partnership, our key takeaways

The Jets signed an official sports car in Porsche last week.  Here are some key takeaways and partnership concepts that can be applied at your property. News Release on

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Jets Fan's buy Porsches!  Fish where the fish are... What are your fans buying right now?  What's a complementary product?

2. Once again we see a content marketing item included.  "Players in Porsches" which will be a weekly content series produced by the team.

3. Get the product at your games. A fancy car like this is going to attract eyeballs and nose smudges as fans lean in to take a peek

4.  "Official" status is always attractive to sponsors.  You can also leave the category open by not providing exclusivity.

5. Great PR work by the sponsorship and communications team.  This announcement hit the front pages of sorts business but also general business. Great win for the Jets and Porsche  (and the deals only a few weeks old)  What a great way to start a partnership.

Media Coverage:

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