JetBlue’s Red Sox Partnership Garners Strategic Social Media Exposure

JetBlue is the title sponsor of the Red Sox spring training facility, but in the spirit of a true partnership, the team's use of JetBlue for travel strategically places the airline in a number of high profile shots. (Source: Boston Red Sox)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. JetBlue, who does not have the name recognition of some of its airline counterparts, has done a great job of aligning itself with one of America's top sports brands, a great way to lend legitimacy and grow consumer trust.

2. A peak event like the All-Star game (playoffs, spring training, etc. would also apply) will typically garner increased fan attention and social media follows, so the strategic placement behind the Red Sox All-Stars while they travel is a non-invasive way to steal some great product placement.

3. Often, brands are tying to "promotions" on social media, which can be effective, but we love the "endorsement" implied by simply having Big Papi and the other Red Sox getting on and off the planes.

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