JBL Adding to NBA Draft Fashion Statements


NBA partner JBL has found some creative ways to tie into one of the most iconic elements of the NBA draft - fashion. READ MORE.  (Source: JBL)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. As we mentioned above, fashion is a big part of the NBA draft.  What is the most iconic element of any live draft though?  The hat...every photo you see of drafts showcases the draft picks wearing the hat of the team that just picked them.  We love the fact that JBL has taken that to the next level with the custom team logo headphones that each pick will get after being drafted.  The residual media coverage of this product placement will be invaluable.

2.  Not only is the media coverage strategic, but this could potentially open up a new product line for JBL.  While they already have a more suttle NBA line, as far as we can tell, do not sell bolder headphones yet to the general public.  If the reception is good to seeing Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram, etc. wearing these, you could see them for sale soon.

3.  In a world where traditional signage can become stale, we love creative branding opportunities like this that the consumer can touch, feel and interact with.  Having players use your product (a co-branded one at that) is far more impactful, in our opinion, than a static sign at the draft site or even a feature on the TV coverage.

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