Henry Schein Celebrates First Responders with Greenville Drive

On Sunday, July 17th, the Drive host First Responders Day at Fluor Field, presented by Henry Schein. This special day is the Drive's annual tribute to the bravery & sacrifice of First Responders throughout the Greenville community.  READ MORE (Source: Greenville Drive)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. First of all, we love the idea of teams/programs having annual days to celebrate first responders in your community, complete with honorary roles, interactive exhibits and ticket discounts/packages.  The meet-and-greet opportunities at this game are great, especially considering recent events around the country.

2. Henry Schein is not your typical consumer product sponsor, but this is actually a great fit for a non-traditional sponsor (kudos to the Greenville Drive), being in the healthcare products and services business.  While other companies may want to honor these brave men and women, we always love a natural tie for the sponsor - the impact is far greater. 

3. One of the underlying fits for Henry Schein to this game may have been their global Henry Schein Cares philanthropic program.  As a seller, think creatively beyond your clients' products.  Have deeper conversation and understand what they truly care about.  Practically, most companies also have additional dollars available for philanthropy that may not be there in a traditional "marketing" budget. 


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