Half Price tickets for college students, White Sox and Gillette

The White Sox promoted via social media the ticket discount designed to attract college students.  Gillette is the presenting partner and receives logo exposure in social media and on the MLB landing page. Link here. (Looks like other MLB teams are participating)  

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1.  Segementing your ticket giveaways allow for an extremely targeted audience for your sponsor.  You can now take the partnership and show Gillette the direct results of the campaign.; tickets moved, broad audience, captured audience.  We've discussed this strategy with the Pirates and Pelican Kayaks.

2. College students are an attractive market for sponsors.  (I sold the audience for 8+ years) One of the great things about the college student demographic is that they are in the first 4 years of building their own buying behaviors.  (typically in a new DMA)  So they are a prime target for local restaurants, grocery stores, etc......  If sponsors can get in front of freshman in their first 3 months on campus, they have the opporutnity to win their repeat business for 4 years.  (at least in the U.S)  Pro teams can tap into this market, with this kind of promotion.

3.  Love the mobile phone picture on the social media post. It makes the ticket seem sexy and also targets a mobile friendly audience, like a college student.  It seems obvious, but incorporate relevant images into your campaigns, (we've seen you stadium thousands of times) that way you can relate to the targeted audience.

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