Ford Honors Royals Championship with Second Special Edition Truck

Baseball season is almost upon us, as spring training ends and the regular season gets into swing this weekend. So (at the risk of confusing our sports metaphors) to kick things off, Ford is introducing the F-150 MVP Edition.READ MORE (Source: Auto Blog)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. This is not our traditional post, but we love this idea as it incorporates not just a team, but a commemorative element directly into the sponsor's product (one made in Kansas City).  Producting a limited number is wise, as the demand is only so large, but we can't imagine they will have trouble selling 300.

2. We love the nostalgic connection between the 1985 special edition Ranger and this year's truck - being able to tie a current and former player to the product/campaign is powerful!

3.  Getting one of your partners to create a special edition product for your team is probably not realistic with every property, but get creative on ways to capitalize on significant achievements that your fan base will want to commemorate (bonus points for a product or partner based in your city!).  It does not have to be something this large or expensive to be effective.

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