Firestone Challenges Fans to Race Mario Andretti

Firestone has taken the VIP experience sweepstakes to a new level, but challenging Indy 500 fans to race Mario Andretti in weekly household tasks for a chance to win.  Full contest page HERE.  (Source: Firestone Tires)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. We love the tie-in of everyday tasks to the social media video submission.  Having Andretti a part of that also elevates the submission process.

2.  The hashtag seems to have taken off and Firestone's posting of submission winners alongside Andretti keeps the campaign fresh and not 100% focused on the final winner(s), but the entertainment value of the entire campaign.

3.  Does your property have a famous alum or former athlete that you could leverage in a campaign with a partner.  We would highly recommend builing those relationships to take your VIP experiences to another level.

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