Esurance Powers MLB All-Star Ballot and VIP Experience


As the title sponsor of the 2016 MLB All-Star Ballot, Esurance not only received integrated branding opportunities, but has also provided an enter-to-win opportunity for fans to experience the All-Star weekend as a VIP. READ MORE.  (Source: MLB)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Integrating into each team's social media graphics (see Nationals example above) is a huge piece of this for Esurance.  Simply having branding on or through MLB social media channels would have been fine, but most fans follow their teams much more closely than the league itself.

2.  Incentivizing fans to vote is a simple way to ensure fan engagement and generate leads.  There is nothing incredibly unique about the VIP package offered, but what fan would not want that?  Why wouldn't you take 2 minutes to vote for your favorite players if you had a chance to win that package.  Though fans can opt out of the Esurance database, it is in small print on the submission page and is defaulted to a "yes," so the lead generation should be significant.

3.  If you represent a league as a seller, but have access to individual properties, consider partnerships that could integrate into the teams' individual social media channels.  That is where you will leverage the most power for your partner across every fan base in the league.

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