Georgetown Hoops & Xerox “Copy That Scene”

Georgetown hoops and Xerox have teamed up in a fun way for "Copy That Scene Cam" Feature.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) Jumbotron features like the Dance Cam, Kiss Cam, etc. can be staples and fan favorites.  That doesn't make them great assets for sponsorships.  When evaluating whether they would make quality assets for sponsorships, some questions to ask would be: do fans get up for the feature or is it tired? Is there a reasonable brand/feature fit?  Ultimately, the main sponsor contact(s) get the deciding vote. In this case, the feature is fun, unique, can involve everyone with popular pop-culture, and is a fit as Xerox is in the copying business.

2)  It's smart to not be tied to a specific feature in a contract - in case a substitution is in order.

3) Switching up the features can equate to more fan engagement and a script more conducive to success among fan and attendance-centric metrics.  Longevity and tradition equate to success, however, when it comes to brand recall, a key metric to sponsorship success. It's important to keep a good ongoing pulse as to how well-received features are to the a) sponsor b) fan c) staff. 

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