Edmonton Oilers and #TheBrick’s take on Best Seat in the House

This is a great example of another "tried and true" partnership concept. The Best Seats in the house, enter to win.  The Brick and the Oilers did a great job executing the digital promotion of this partnership.  (examples below)  They also created a simple entry process as well as clear directions, which will lead to higher store traffic for The Brick's retail stores.  Here's the landing page on the Oilers domain.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1.  Once again, a classic promotion, with the key being retail traffic to the partner.

2.  Button up the legal.  Oilers did a great job here.  (good example)

3. Make the entry simple and easy.  Especially the perception that it's easy.  Oilers marketed this with a simple 3 step instructions using the infographic below.  The ROI for this partnership hinges on the traffic you can get to their retail locations.  This can't be a biproduct of this partnership.  It is the partnership.

4. Nice signage placement behind the location of the best seats.  Oilers made sure Proof of Performance pictures and ongoing promotion included the sign behind the winners.  (picture below)

Graphic on the Oilers Landing Page:

Nice play on the popular inphographic

Social media examples from both sides:

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