Durham Bulls Continue Star Wars Tradition, With A Philanthropic Twist

In 2015, Earth learned of the passing of a heroic fighter and friend in a galaxy far, far away. His name was Han Solo, and his involvement in helping the Rebel cause secure victory over the Empire was of the utmost importance – even if he viewed himself as just a smuggler trying to make some money. To honor him properly, the Durham Bulls will pay tribute to the revered icon by donning a Han Solo uniform on the team’s annual Star Wars Night, taking place this year on May 7.  READ MORE.  (Source: Durham Bulls)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. It isn't highy publicized, but there is a sponsor tied into this game - Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina - that we think is missing an opportunity to capitalize on what is a popular tradition for the Bulls.  At minimum, tie to the graphics for the game.  They may be planning to activate more on-site that night.

2.  The charitable twist to the jerseys is a fantastic idea.  With the cult following of Star Wars, the demand for these jerseys will be high, so kudos to the Bulls (and Blue Cross if they are more tied to this than it appears on the surface) for doing some good with a fun promotion.

3.  As leagues in the United States (see NBA) begin to approve sponsors on jerseys, I think the possibilities will start to become endless on how partnerships can be built around them.  Alternate or one-time jerseys that become available to fans will now have an extremely long shelf life for a sponsor.  Talk about residual value!

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