Detroit Pistons and WaitTime Create Groundbreaking Fan Experience

Currently eighth in the East, the Detroit Pistons could be heading to the postseason for the first time in seven years. A long time to wait for Pistons fans, who thanks to artificial intelligence won't be doing a lot of waiting anymore at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Wanting to improve their fan experience, the Pistons have partnered with WaitTime, which is exactly what it sounds like. Through screens in the arena and the official Pistons mobile app, fans attending games at The Palace can check to see where the shortest restroom and concession lines are. READ MORE (Source: CBS Sports)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. With the growth of analytics and Big Data in the sports and entertainment world, this is probably the tip of the iceberg for next level partnerships between these growing tech companies and sports properties.

2. One of the biggest challenges facing sports entities today is convincing fans that physically attending the game is a better experience than watching on TV.  By reducing some of the "hassle" at the arena/stadium, this type of partnership could go a long way toward putting butts in seats.

3.  WaitTime is not a consumer driven product, so while they are the vehicle here, the Pistons were able to go out and also sell the sponsorship of the WaitTime section of the app to Bud Light, who has now tied itself to a concessions integration (point of purchase) and provided a fantastic new service to fans.  Huge win for all involved!

Some great screen shots of the app from the CBS Sports article:

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