Destination Marketing at its Finest Building Up to 2017 College Football National Championship

"America's #1 Beach" in Clearwater to be non-football centerpiece of the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship events with Beach Bash.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) This specific kid-friendly event is a pep-rally of sorts featuring various activities and plenty of press coverage involving the schools, teams, cheerleaders and fans having fun at a top-rated beach with all kinds of ammenities to highlight.  Powerful visualization has been created.

2) This is destination marketing at its finest.  As the 2016 college football season started, this campaign was launched and has consistently been featured across media platforms, especially via social media utilizing powerful imagery and engagement cultivated all across Tampa Bay (ie. on Instagram and Twitter #TampaBay2017).  With the campaign launch as the season started, the seed is planted with all college football fans, where hope springs eternal and fans of every school think their team has a chance to make it to Tampa and the Championship. Cohesive, message consistency equates to the water for that seed.  Even if the season doesn't work out for them and their respective team, fans have a top-of-mind idea for their next warm weather/beach vacation will spring.

3) Destinations can utilize this formula, even if not the host city.  Destinations with proximity within a few hours of the host city could be the effective centerpiece of a comprehensive campaign.  With a strong, cohesive integrated marketing mix capitalizing on powerful imagery and messaging targeting an appropriately matched demographic, great traffic-driving results can be had over time. 

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