Chubby the Charlotte Checker Makes a Case for Mascot as Top Asset in Minor Leagues

As a pre-Halloween prank, Charlotte Checkers COO Tera Black had some fun utilizing Chubby the mascot to scare employees and the team shared it socially via YouTube and LinkedIn. 

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) Fantastic, well-executed idea that drives awaress for the team at the start of the season while shining a positive light on the Checkers front office and culture.  

2) Because most minor league games aren't televised and star power is hard to market with the dynamic nature of rosters and tight budgets, the mascot, who's constantly making external appearances in the area, often becomes the face of the franchise.  Developing an actionable marketable platform for a mascot sponsorship for a company looking for community relations ties especially involving youth could turn into the key homerun for the group.  

While the sponsor of Chubby represented on a jersey patch isn't visible in the video, it is visible on Chubby's page on the website (Courtyard by Marriott City Center). Links and any retail ties back to the sponsor along with company logo visibility will help drive returns for the sponsor.  The mascot should have dedicated social media pages to help drive community and promotional efforts.

3) The page fields community appearances for Chubby, which is one of the most asked about opportunities.  Publicizing these appearances is an impactful way to garner community relations for the team, initiatives and sponsor(s).  Previously, to garner much needed awareness of Utah Grizzlies playoff hockey schedule & traditions, I created a marketing plan to promote Grizzbee appearances all around town (high trafficked areas, sponsor and prospect locations, etc.), filmed him riding the slopes with a GoPro and socially shared the interactions with the public.  The result was new sponsors sold, hundreds of thousands of impressions for current sponsors and a bump in buzz and awareness about the playoffs.

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