Chicago Fire mail out a paint can with new Valspar Jersey

Engaging and influencing a great partnership is hard to do.  Especially, when your brand new premier jersey partner is a paint company.  So what do you do to make a big splash?   How about mail out your jersey in a paint can?

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Mailers are boring, how can you crank it up?  This is a great example.  (stop throwing more inserts in your season tickets!)

2. Announcing a unique product with a "wow" moment of "Did they really take the time to stuff all these jersey's in this paint can"

3. This was probably a low volume influencer play for some good PR by the Chicago Fire, but how could you do this to really make a difference for a B2B sponsor? 

4. SB's million dollar idea is to take the sponsor's 100 top prospects that they've been unable to move.   (IE... Valspar's top commercial prospects in the nation) then package this and send it to them on behalf of your sponsor.  If your sponosr has struggled to get into the door of those 100 prospects, this is a phenomenal gate crasher.  Great B2B partnership concept.  Think outside the Stadium!

Rovell's tweet,  (just like they planned)

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