Cavs Fans Can Drive a Kia to Finals Tickets


This is our fourth post on an auto partnership like this, but considering the timeliness and unique social media engagement, we thought this was worth spotlighting. READ MORE.  (Source: Cleveland Cavaliers)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. We are wary of the test-drive incentive promotion (the history of success for traffic driving just typically isn't there), but we love the social media tasks or challenges that the Cavs gave their fans to win tickets.  The motivational speech for this last Finals game is fantastic (tweet below).

2.  Timing is often undervalued, while the idea in a promotion can be overvalued.  The timing of this around the playoffs makes this promotion infinitely more valuable to fans than the same idea in the middle of the regular season.

3.  While a league or conference often owns the post season for many sports properties, there are always ways to leverage your biggest games.  Could you tie a sponsor to a big early season kickoff game?  For something like a bowl game (where the properties may not have rights), could you do a season wrap-up contest that rewards fans with season tickets to the following season?

Tweet us your best motivational message with #KiaRoad216 by 5PM to enter to win two tickets to #NBAFinals Game 6!
— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) June 15, 2016

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