Castrol EDGE Engages via NFL & NFL Players

The Castrol EDGE Clutch Performer of the Week Series is voted on by you, NFL fans, who choose who had the most clutch performance weekly via and reinforced via social media.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) This feature effectively matches brand to feature.  Too many times, sponsors will be arbitrarily slapped onto current features without being much of a match as far as similarities to drive home the association. "Clutch" is an automtotive feature and can refer to an individual's ability to perform with the pressure on. Castrol EDGE wants to be top-of-mind when it comes to performance engine oils and paying the big bucks for to be an official NFL like this is a powerful platform to help gain market share. With weekly voting, fans can participate, driving quality impressions and engagement in order to further boost brand and message ("3X Stronger Against Viscosity Breakdown") recall, which generally ties positively to intent to purchase. Logo rights is and can serve as they key differentiator, if full promotional buy-in occurs by the sponsor integrating the provided logo in comprehesively.

2) This feature wouldn't have the effect it has without NFL Players and the usage of player images, ie. in the video highlights.  This allows players to benefit from this league sponsorship as well.  In the image above, the Raiders team picked up and shared the fan shared Tweet that two of its players had won the award and used it to help promote Pro Bowl nominations of the players. Promotions that come full circle like this to help grow the brand of the athletes themselves are win/win - the players and teams benefit vs. just the league itself (which has been a player-voiced topic of scrutiny). The results for the sponsor are multiplied thanks to the ancillary participation and engagement generated.

3) On the player note, clutch performers can come in all shapes and sizes.  Accompanying digital ads feature defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. Rarely do lineman get the endorsement love that quarterbacks or skill position players do.  Blue collar types are the hot zone for this product and Wilfork, who despite his position became recognizable while winning titles with the New England Patriots, is a fantastic target fit for this campaign.  A product and player that works under the radar in the clutch.

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