Cardiff Blues Hit Two-For-One “What’s Next” Partnership with GCell’s Solar iBeacon Technology

The new Pro12 rugby league's Cardiff Blues has turned heads with a cutting-edge sustainability-friendly partnership featuring solar powered iBeacon technology. Read more here.

Sponsorship Buddy's take:

1) Sustainability has increasingly become hot-button in sports and entertainment thanks to government incentives and further cost-reduction possibilities (not to mention the public relations surrounding it).  Solar-centric partnerships often come front-and-center when it comes to the sustainability bucket are mutually beneficial as both companies benefit transactionally while the energy footprint lessens over time. The sponsorship story behind it has great effect, further pushing such competencies to new places.

2) This program not only ties in sustainability, but manufacturer GCell provides a solar-driven solution that opens up huge new marketing opportunities for the club via iBeacon technology - another hot and developing best practice.   iBeacons, are a win-win for both clubs and fans because they allow for relevant, poignant marketing offers based on consumer interests and buying habits.  Tremendous R.O.I. prospects and a big argument for getting fans through the gates vs. staying on the couch.

3) Implementing partnerships with best-practices in mind via hot areas like sustainability or beacons creates success stories and allows for more creative, tech-savvy partnerships that create major efficiencies that can reduce operational costs and create valuable P.R. and otherwise would be very diffiult to secure.

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