Campbell’s Chunky Soup, NFL & NFL Players Inc. & You the “Everyman”

Campbell's Chunky Soup has collaborated on a fully-integrated partnership featuring the NFL and NFL Players Inc. (involving stars Drew Brees, Odell Beckham Jr., Eddie Lacy, Todd Gurley, Eric Ebron and Kyle Long).

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) This is a creative, 2.0 fully-integrated partnership at its finest connected to a favorite American pastime in fantasy football (ties multiple marketing mediums together cohesively).  The results are evident.  If you've watched much NFL coverage, you and many millions more have seen the memorable, fun ads, two of which have over 5 million combined YouTube views. The campaign, which involves NFL stars drafting "everymen" to their respective fantasy teams, is interactive as a Sweepstakes. Grand Prizes include Super Bowl tickets, NFL Shop credits, etc.  Engagement hits a pinnacle as the brand, league, players, fans/participants and even teams are all sharing the content, which will help maxmize results for Campbell's Chunky.

2) NFL Players Inc. is great at finding and securing brand and campaign fit matched to sponsor initiatives and goals.  The marketing arm for players signed on officially helps drive ancillary revenue for current and former players, required by the Group Licensing Assignment, on any NFL deal involving 6 or more players' likenesses.  In this case, the 6 players hit on a wide-range of new and veteran stars spanning geography and demographic appeal and have proven dependable in the past as this program requires significant activation from the athlete end in terms of endorsements, appearances, etc. These are things to think about for similar types of player-tied campaigns of your own.

3) I went to enter myself in to get a feel for the marketing materials and process, and got error after error while not being able to get through on the site.  Apparently, I wasn't alone as evidenced on Twitter.  Tech issues not resolved with expediancy can bring on frustration and ultimately be detrimental to future sales.

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