Calgary Flames sponsor #FlamesFirstGoal with Russian Standard

The Calgary Flames execute an engaging social media promotion with #FlamesFirstGoal by letting fans enter to win a prize by guessing who is going to score the Flames first goal of the game.  (See Tweet)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Concept is great, it captures the pre-game buzz on social media and capitalizes on an excited fan base

2. It's dead simple for fans to enter, hit reply and name a player.  Participation is EASY!

3. Minor detail to make sure doesn't happen, notice the different hashtag used in the tweet compared graphic, (picture below, First vs. 1st). Make sure you don't change the Hashtag halfway through. Either on purpose or accidentally.

4. Great execution to allow the Sponsor to award the prize within the hashtag.  (Screenshot below, and tweet here by Russian Standard)

5. Other ideas where this might work: Vote for game MVP-in-game, Vote for player to participate in next live tweet session, Vote to play a certain song during the next break, in-stadium, and pretty much any other voting promotion.  The key is to have a high volume of interaction online to encourage more entries and more attention for you and your sponsor.

Great Social Media Screenshots:

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